Welcome to The Ben Gamla Lion's Den!



Welcome to Ben Gamla Lion's Den! The Ben Gamla Lion's Den is a class made website. This website was made by Ms. Munn's 8th grade journalism class. Each day, we get in to teams that we are assigned and work on researching and gathering content to put up on the school journal (In this case we chose to make a website instead of using paper.) We started off the quarter with a few bumps, but those will help us improve our journal next quarter when this website will have all new content for you to enjoy. We hope you like it.

-Ms. Munn's 8th grade journalism team



Middle School Goverment

Middle School Government Congratulations to our new student body President Shaylee Rosen! We are looking forward to a great year at Ben Gamla with you! Let's also recognize the remaining members of the Middle School Student Government :
Vice President - Zoe Eisner
Secretary - Chana Stall
Historian - Natalie Zarad
Treasurer - Shira Yarimi
6th Grade Representative - Anthony Suarez
7th Grade Representative - Kimberly Garcia
8th Grade Representatice - Alaina Gelman



Next Quarter's Updates

We will be updating this website with all new content at the end of every quarter. We are hoping to add more content such as stories, reviews, games, and other fun stff. Next quarter we are coming out with Volume II of the Ben Gamla Lion's Den. We hope you look forward to seeing the brand new stuff available every quarter.

-Ms. Munn's 8th grade journalism team